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Why ICE Systems?

Product Knowledge

At ICE Systems, our people know technology and understand the daily challenges faced by our customers.
Whether it be hardware, software or cloud services, our reps live and breathe the stuff.
We are not simply reselling popular brands, but rather immersing staff in the architecture and functionality of the products in our portfolio.

This allows them to speak intelligently regarding features and benefits while providing meaningful comparisons to alternative solutions. As a prospect or existing client, you will know exactly what to purchase and why. 

The Right Solutions

We are not store front or online e-tailer that pushes out the “brand of the month” and then just haggles over pricing. Our products have been carefully selected based on their efficacy, feature set and overall value to the customer.

ICE Systems sells and supports selected market leaders, but only if these solutions deliver solid performance at a reasonable cost.

We typically seek out the uniquely effective and affordable products, putting less emphasis on name recognition, popularity or the success partner recruitment campaigns. At ICE Systems, you will find some very uncommon options that are highly feature-rich and offer extraordinary value for the investment. This has been our primary goal for our clients from the first day we opened our doors. 

Commitment to Service

Every client, large our small, can expect an absolute commitment to their satisfaction and an ongoing solid business relationship with the company, its people and its vendors. 

When a company comes to ICE Systems to acquire hardware, software, a security subscription or for consulting work, they typically become a permanent customer.

Once an individual has experienced the level of attention, accessibility, professionalism and competence from our knowledgeable staff, they will not want to do business with any other security solution provider. We are very proud of our track record of exemplary service, and customers will find they have a true parter in ICE Systems when it comes to secure computing.