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Content Filtering: What? Why?

About Content Filtering

Content filtering refers to a rapidly expanding class of products and services that block unwanted content from designated Internet users. Web access is an important and often vital service for businesses, educational institutions, and religious organizations; however, Internet abuse has become a very serious problem. The need for enhanced control is well recognized in settings that involve young children (in schools, at home), and many have taken measures to enforce limits. Major corporations and small businesses have been a bit slower to react, but they are now moving quickly. IDC estimates 30 to 40% of Internet surfing during work hours is not business related. Concerned companies see effective content filtering as a means of increasing efficiency and reducing liability.

"When Victoria's Secret held its online fashion show in May, over two million Americans tuned in -- most from office PCs. Victoria's Secret held its Web cast on a weekday at 3 p.m. EST."

-- "Cyberslacking", Vancouver Sun 8/7/12

Internet Employee Management (EIM)

While adult employees are certainly free to surf the net as they please in their own home, office usage is an entirely different issue. Potential liability for sexual harassment can be serious, but the cost of lost productivity is typically even more significant. Aside from sexually explicit websites, some employees will spend countless hours each week on sports and gambling pages as well as auction sites. A report by the BBC titled "Internet Abuse Costs Big Money", arrived at the following estimates for typical employees:

61% lose two working hours per week

30% lose up to 10 working hours per week

Aside from abuse based on unacceptable content and/or destinations, unknowing office workers can cost their employer a fortune with irresponsible web data usage. Downloading large or dangerous files, accessing streaming media (audio/video) and using unapproved web-based applications is behavior that leads directly to damaged file systems and critical network bandwidth consumption.

Those concerned with the bottom line immediately recognize the severity of this situation. Offending employees are costing the company a fortune in wasted time and potential liability. Most will continue this behavior in blatant disregard of stated company policies. The only solution is installation of an effective content filtering system to enforce compliance.

Schools and Religious Organizations

Most parents, child psychologists and educational administrators agree that children should not be exposed to unfiltered Internet access. The web is a vast, open marketplace prone to unsavory elements deemed unsuitable for young eyes. Churches and other religious institutions feel morally compelled to ensure that objectionable material is not available via the web from any of their facilities. Effective content filtering solutions provide the peace of mind that these entities desire so that technology can be advanced without sacrificing moral beliefs, religious principals and children's safety.

ICE Systems

ICE Systems has invested years researching the various content filtering solutions available. We select unique products that are affordable while offering superior protection.