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When ICE Systems opened its doors back in 1999, the core technology driving the company was open source software. We created a line of targeted, linux-based server appliances called “ICEBoxes”, and these represented the bread and butter of our business for several years.

Many of the security solutions ICE Systems sells & supports today are part of our standard commercial offering after they evolving and maturing as open source products. Smoothwall and xTuple are just a couple of good examples.

Bottom line? The folks at ICE Systems LIVE and LOVE open source software, and we recognize the tremendous value it delivers to both small and large companies. Our engineers can offer consulting services and expert guidance if an open source solution happens to be on your radar screen. Maybe it is already in use, and you just want to maximize potential.

Give us a call or send and email to let us know your plans or tell us about an existing implementation. We can help.