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Proxmox VE is robust, enterprise-grade virtualization platform that can easily handle the most demanding server infrastructure. Based on the mature and trusted KVM hypervisor, the software provides a highly stable and resilient environment that is extraordinarily easy to setup and administer.

Efficiently run 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows or LINUX server operation systems as virtual machines.

Proxmox VE delivers performance relative to bare metal for real-world enterprise workloads with support for the latest Intel and AMD server chipsets.

All management is done through beautifully-designed web interface that shares the look and feel of some of the commercial market leaders and includes advanced features like live migration and multi-node highly available clusters (HA).

Proxmox Node Summary

Proxmox VE: Node Summary Screen (click to enlarge)

Powerful, Easy to Use Interface

  • Web-based, highly intuive and familiar to users of popular commercial products 
  • Complete and self-contained with no need to install any additional management tools
  • Responsive and capable of handling thousands of VM ́s
  • Includes a secure HTML5 VNC console that supports SSL
  • Create virtual servers and containers with progressive, wizard-based screens
  • Privileges / roles can be applied to management of all objects 
  • Utilize several different authentications systems, including LDAP, AD, local, etc
  • GUI shows all running cluster tasks, syslogs, back/restore jobs, live-migration
 • No single point of failure
 • No single master: multi-master cluster
 • Relocate VMs between hosts with no downtime.
 • Full backups of containers and VMs
 • Live Snapshot Backups
 • Multiple schedules and backup storages
 • HA self fencing by hardware Watchdog, kernel Softdog
 • No simultaneous data access and corruption

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And It's Free!

Proxmox VE is Open Source software This means that anyone can download and use the product with paying any license fees. The functionality in this free version is not crippled or limited in any way.

Annual and monthly commercial subscriptions are available that provide both Technical Support and access to the Enterprise Repository.

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