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Internet abuse is a serious issue. Businesses are reducing lost productivity and liability issues associated with reckless web behavior by implementing Employee Internet Management (EIM) solutions.



Network administrators need finer control over file downloads and web-based application usage. Schools and religious organizations typically mandate that content filtering technology be used to protect children and staff from objectionable content. Most parents, aware of the choices the Internet offers children using home computers, would demand the same.

Don't be lulled into a false sense of security with simple, categorized URL-blocking schemes included with popular firewall/gateway appliances.

ICE Systems believes careful control of Internet usage is one of the most important components of a secure network environment. The Web has replaced email as the primary vector for malware attacks.

Whether you're an I.T. director of a large corporation, a school or church administrator, or a concerned parent, we have carefully researched available solutions and offer unique products that are affordable, while offering superior protection.

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