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As computers and devices are becoming more connected, protection against all new threat vectors is now a vital business requirement. The products we sell and support are designed to cover the key areas and defend against any damage or compromise to the critical data of any company.

Areas of Attack

Endpoints - Securing PC, Servers, Tablets and Smartphones is still perhaps the most difficult and cumbersome task, but it is not an area to cut corners. This is often "ground zero".

Firewall / IDS - The company firewall is the sentinel that stands guard at the network perimeter. It is the first line of defense against threats.

Mail Gateway - Malicious spam or phishing emails are still the easiest and fastest way for cyber criminals to propagate their payloads.

Web Content Filter - The vast majority of today's threats are delivered via websites. Control surfing and much the work is done.

Media Device Control - Flash drives and custom CDs can easily be infected. All devices need to be locked and centrally managed.

Physical Security - It is very difficult to protect against threat posed by humans on premise, but a combination of Employee Monitoring and Mobile Device Management can go a long way toward keeping your data safe.

Business Continuity

ICE Systems solutions are designed for companies that demand a highly-productive and secure office environment but cannot afford an army of IT staff, endless consulting fees or overpriced hardware. We help our customers operate smoothly, securely and with every opportunity for success.

With ICE as a partner, your business can benefit from safe and efficient computing while still keeping overall technology expenditures "in line".