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Untangle Firewall / UTM

In the highly crowded field of UTM / Firewalls, Untangle stands out by providing impressive functionality and great value with a very unique “rack-based” graphical interface.

A broad range of pluggable modules (or “racks”) can be enabled to extend the capability of the software appliance from a standard business firewall to a fully-realized unified threat management solution to control all aspects of the network perimeter. The breadth of protection provided is quite significant and can stand up against enterprise solutions that do not inhabit the same budget universe.

It is a very unique and interesting product in a marketplace where so many vendors are finding it extremely challenging to differentiate from the competition.

A few of our customers find the unorthodox GUI distracting. But those who have embraced the paradigm have become huge fans of Untangle and would not use anything else to protect their business, school district, church, etc. The product does a great job, and it is attainable for entities with very limited funding. 

ICE Systems, is proud to sell and support Untangle. The technology is mature, stable and delivers network protection to our clients that is very effective and affordable.