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With more than 60 AV / anti-malware products available worldwide, the choices are many.

It can be extremely difficult to sift through the noise and determine which brands are worthy of consideration.It is a daunting task, but someone needs to do it. Otherwise users will end up picking a product based on popularity or cost alone. Decisions based on such criteria can have disastrous consequences.

ICE Systems takes this responsibility very seriously. We want to be sure that our customers are sufficiently protected without sacrificing system performance, stability, usability or budget constraints. This is accomplished this in two ways:

  1. Internal testing in ICE System labs
  2. Continuous examination of independent authority research


Our Selected Brands         Which one is right for you?                     

Our engineers will thoroughly review software on lab workstations and servers before any decisions are made regarding the product's suitability for our customers. We also carefully track findings from independent testing organizations like AV Comparatives and AV-Test on a regular basis. Unlike popular periodicals or websites tied to publishing entities, these labs are uninfluenced by advertising investment.

We can trust their results. Bear in mind the recommend list of brands may often change over the course of 3-5 years. Our testing is ongoing, and we carefully consider relevant incident reports from both customers and support staff. This information is interpreted in concert with continuous new reviews from the independent research labs to reformulate the our "take" on the best protection.