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The very first step towards secure computing is making sure servers, workstations and laptops are fully protected. This is no place to cut corners or accept mediocrity. Ineffective software creates a false sense of security and increases the danger.



ICE Systems continually researches the market to select the 6 or 7 brands available that provide the best combination of protection, efficiency and value. Not suprisingly, our choices may not be widely advertised and sold. Marketing muscle was not part of our selection criteria.

Some industy pundits have stated  "AV software is becoming a commodity". Meanwhile, the number of dected security threats has grown exponentially with more sophisticated and elusive variants appearing each day. Truthfully, good AV protection has never been more relevant.

Each of these brands have proven to be very effective at detection, proactive defense and remediation of infection. So we believe that any one of them would offer suitable protection. There are some very important differences, however, and we ecourage you to check our links below:

How does ICE Systems select brands?            Which one is right for me?