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Open Source Solutions

Custom Website Hosting

Managed Hosting + Dedicated Servers + Good Neighbors

You get a dedicated support team with the ability to customize your settings based on specific needs and server class hardware with a low client load, but in a shared environment to save you money.

Custom Website Hosting

Microsoft Windows

Managed Windows servers offer a secure, stable environment for your ASP.NET application, classic ASP site, ColdFusion or FrontPage extensions. Servers are custom tuned for specific application performance.


Managed Linux servers are standalone machines with a purpose. We offer new servers with the latest and older PHP and Apache. Connections to separate mirrored MySQL servers will increase speed.


Application Pool properties can be customized per web site and virtual directory. Security settings on directories and added MIME Types give you options only found with remote access.

Ruby on Rails

Load Balanced with Apache using mod_proxy_balancer in conjunction with multiple Mongrel instances.


We offer ColdFusion on Windows 2003 Servers. Get the latest from Adobe ColdFusion shared hosting.


Each account includes ICE Systems Email accounts and our advanced email management system allowing you full control over your email. You can always upgrade to Hosted Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Hybrid.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005

Managed MS SQL databases are available with any Windows plan. Nightly full backups areAccess your databases directly through SQL Management Studio.

Custom LAMP Stacks

Specific puapplication and database servers are available with PHP 4/5, MySQL 4/5, Perl, Apache. We offer custom PHP memory limits up to 256MB.

Small Business Friendly

Want something done, but not sure how to do it? Submit a support ticket and we’ll set it up for you quickly.

Our Service Level Agreement

We guarantee 99.9% uptime. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) entitles you to receive free service if we fail to meet our promise. Of course, 100% uptime is our goal and we take stability seriously.

Looking for more? Go Huge with a VPS.

Dedicated cPanel / WHM virtual private servers (VPS) are available as single servers or in high-availability clusters.

Is your website currently using cPanel?

ICE Systems also provides business class cPanel website hosting.