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ICE Systems Provides you with Choices

Several of the security products sold and supported by ICE Systems are provided as software-only solutions. A few are available as either a software application or a hardware appliance.

Select an ICEBox appliance, or go with your favorite brand name server. You can even send us an existing machine, and we will set it up.

We want to make sure you always have A CHOICE!

ICE Systems can install and pre-configure your preferred software security solution on a reliable, quality-built ICEBox appliance computer. These machines deliver key business requirements at a fraction of the price of traditional server solutions.

The ICEBox is a self-contained unit keyboard and no monitor or mouse is needed. It is easily managed remotely via an intuitive web-based interface.

We will also load and configure the software on an existing machine brand and/or model of your selection. It's your choice!

In both cases, you stand to save hundreds of dollars over the vendor’s pre-made hardware solution.

Please contact us today at 877-332-3250 to get a customized quote for your needs.