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Spam is more than just a nuisance.

Unwanted or unsolicited messages drain productivity and continually clog up perhaps the most important tool for any business – your email. This is our primary means of communication today, and it is under constant assault.

It is ridiculous and expensive to have users spend precious work time each day sifting through garbage in their inbox.

But we are always surprised at the number of new clients we find that have been operating under these conditions for years. They seemed to feel it is was an undesirable fringe benefit of conducting business through email. Well, it is not.

ICE Systems has selected AnitSpam solutions that are uniquely effective - capable of blocking unwanted mail while limiting false positives. Don't put up with spam one more day. Let us show you the way to a cleaner and more productive INBOX.

The spammers become more clever and sophisticated every day, so your protection needs to keep pace. Preventing spam is difficult, but not impossible. No company should ever learn to “tolerate” it.